Mercedes-Benz offers discounts in China

Mercedes-Benz is the leading car manufacturer to offer discounts in China. The move comes after a slight slowdown within the world’s largest automotive market.

Along with their German counterparts BMW, Mercedes-Benz are determined not to suffer from a current rough patch for property and stock markets in China, which have in effect slowed down the purchasing of luxury cars, according to some expert sources.

Discount details

Mercedes-Benz have lowered their price of their fairly basic model the C200 sedan by around 16 per cent compared to the vehicles price last month, 14 per cent compared to October and 3.4 per cent compared to July. As you can tell the car’s price has slowly decreased in order to bring as the crisis has got worse throughout the year.

BMW’s price drop

BMW themselves have sold the popular 2012 320i sedan model 11 per cent lower than the recommended price. That’s equates to triple the discount for the 2011 mode.

China’s luxury car demand booming

Mercedes-Benz, along with Audi and BMW are looking at ways to take advantage of the current boom in China. There are concerns with the state of the European car market as it is in the middle of a Euro Zone crisis. Although it may sound as if demand is declining in China, it’s quite the contrary. Demand is increasing in the world’s largest automotive industry so much that it is expected to overtake Germany, as the world’s second biggest buyers of luxury vehicles by the end of the year. At present America is still the world’s number one with Germany being Europe’s biggest seller of luxury vehicles.

Tough competition

It must be mentioned that competition is fierce in China. Mercedes-Benz themselves suffered a three month slowdown in 2011 for sales. They managed to get their figures back into the green but face a mammoth task in competing with the countries number one luxury car suppler, Audi.

Drastic but essential

The last thing both Mercedes-Benz and BMW wanted to do was to offer discounts. It seems like they had no choice as the automotive market and economy has slowed down somewhat recently. It is however expected to pick up dramatically next year.

Will there be more discounts offered by Mercedes-Benz? It will depend on how fast the car market grows next year.


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