Mercedes-Benz outsells BMW in America

Mercedes-Benz  is closing the gap on BMW in America by outselling them by 5000 last month.

We reported last month that Mercedes-Benz beat BMW in terms of sales and they have managed to reach the same feat once again this month.

Mercedes-Benz have taken extremely positive steps in the world’s second largest car market as the expense of BMW. The gap has now closed to 1,600 leaving Mercedes-Benz in terms of the highest amount of luxury automobiles in the country so far this year.


The company have the newly revamped and refresh C-Class to thank for their recent success. It proved to be the main source of sales. The recently revamped M-Class also performed brilliantly for the company in November, with sales rising 47% equating to 26,796 sales.

BMW still have the edge overall

It’s all doom and gloom for BMW in America however. Their sales have risen by 7% in November with the German giants selling 21,521. They still remain the number one in terms of luxury cars sold in the country compared to their German counterparts. BMW’s stands at just 1,582 for the year over Mercedes-Benz.

In 2011, BMW have sold 221,073 cars in America which is an improvement of 12%. Mercedes-Benz has sold 219,491 so far in 2011 across the United States of America.

Lexus looking over their shoulder

As a group they are both closing the gap on Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus. The Japanese car manufacturer have managed to remain on top in the United States for more than a decade, 11 years in total.

Naturally the brand has not experiencing growth periods as they usually do. Declining sales come amid the Yen getting stronger and the recent natural disasters in Japan. Their annual sales so far are down by 14% with 173,197 cars sold.

Lexus sales did increase by 6.7% in November with 19,458. Cadillac sales declined by 5.6% in November with a disappointing 11,145 sold. Audi are slowly but surely becoming more successful in the country by recording a 3.7% increase in terms of sales with 9,700 sold. Honda Acura sales fell by 7.5% in November with just 9,909 cars last month. Nissan Infiniti sales rose by 3% which equated to 8,428 sales.


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