Mercedes-Benz sales on the rise

Sales of Mercedes-Benz cars have risen by 2% was reported earlier this month.

In September, Mercedes-Benz sales reached 120,982. This equated to 919,288 for the whole year so far, which meant a 7.6% increase in sales compared to January and September last year. (Figures represent Mercedes-Benz brand cars)

The total sales for the Mercedes-Benz cars unit were 129,476 for the month of September. This represents a 0.7% improvement from the same month in 2010. Over the year so far, 996,855 sales have been accounted for, which represents an increase of 7.3% compared to the previous year.


Germany saw a dip in Mercedes-Benz sales in September as they declined from 27,273 sales in September 2010 to just 24,514 in September 2011. Those figures signify a poor showing of 10.1% year on year decline. However experts believe the release of the B Class and M Class later this year will improve those figures. Throughout Western Europe, 222,926 deliveries were made to customers between January and September of this month. September alone accounted for 32,425 vehicles ordered.


China saw an increase of 12.7% in Mercedes-Benz sales in the month of September. The total amount of cars sold was 15,272 year on year. Between January and September this year, China sold 135,506 Mercedes-Benz cars, a figure which represents a 32.8% increase.


The USA gained a 9% increase on sales year on year in the month of September. 21,649 were sold in September this year compared to 19,862 last year.

Further year on year increases throughout the world of Mercedes-Benz sales

  • Taiwan: 57.9%
  • Russia: 44.6%
  • South Korea: 37.4%
  • India: 14.1%
  • Brazil: 64.8%
  • South Africa: 21.7%
  • Turkey: 10.5%

The figures overall represent a tremendous amount of sales during such global economic downturns. Details about the brilliantly performing Mercedes-Benz sales have come as quite a surprise to many experts too. The company are known as a luxury and premium type of car manufacturer. Car’s at this level are on the higher end of the market where customers are pickier and sales are not as common.

After we reported that sales in India were dipping, these recent statistics will show prove to be a very welcoming piece of news.


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