Mercedes-Benz seeks advice on future hybrid vehicle

Mercedes-Benz to seek advice from fleet companies ahead of the launch of the new E-Class 300 BlueTec. When released, the car will be a one a kind type of vehicle, being a luxury hybrid car when released.

Difficulties faced

Mercedes-Benz wants some input on how to introduce and market the car. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 BlueTec’s cost has not yet been decided. Taking this into account, marketing the vehicle will prove to be extremely difficult. The same considerations are taken when deciding a price for the vehicle too. A spokesman said that “It’s too early to say, but we are determined to reduce the premium by as much as possible we intend to be competitive.”

Attempting to stay ahead

A Mercedes-Benz spokesman spoke of the rivalry between the company and their German counterparts.  “The car was revealed only three months ago at the Detroit Motor Show and it will be toward the end of the year before it reaches our dealership showrooms. When it does go on sale, we need to be sure it is positioned in the best possible way against Audi and BMW in fleet, a sector we regard as increasingly important and one where we have not been as strong as our competitors in the past. Our technology will come at an additional cost and we’re currently working with our colleagues in Germany to arrive at the most favourable price. The one-to-one discussions being planned with leaders in the fleet industry will play a key part in helping us reach our decision and should also help us position the car in the market.”

Mercedes-Benz revamps their fleet website

Mercedes-Benz has recently revamped their fleet website in order to attract more business. They believe that the fleet market is currently booming and there is a lot of potential within each sector.

A new beneficial website tool

Mercedes-Benz has implemented a new tool which shows displays the wonderful benefit of Mercedes-Benz vehicles for various fleet companies. The tool is extremely intelligent offering a number of features including model comparisons, tax calculators, up to date offers on all models and e-download brochures.

The new redesigned website will have the ability to suit small types of businesses, chauffeur businesses and fleet managers, according to Nick Andrews, the Head of the UK division Mercedes-Benz fleet.



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