Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG to receive a junior

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that they are to make a mini SLS AMG. After the company has confirmed that they are releasing many new models in the upcoming years, this one may come as a surprise to even the most hard-core fans.

What is the main reasoning behind this car? To make the stylish roadster more affordable to customers. With a price of £168,395 for the original SLS AMG it may come as a bit too expensive to many who want one.  A cheaper and smaller version of the car will come as welcoming news to many who can’t afford the current model.

The new Jaguar C-X16 and the Porsche 911 are set to receive a strong rival in the form of the new mini SLS AMG, with the car containing two seats only as expected.

There is said to be different settings on the suspension, ranging from comfort to sport to suit diverse driving styles, just like the current model. However this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

The AMG branding will also receive a great boost to. After the current model sold over 5000, their reputation will be enhanced and are sure to make the newer model as good as the current one.

Few details have been released as the news is very new and all developments are at a very early stage. The first arrival will see a coupe being released, with a roadster still being considered for future release. The car will come with a V8 engine, which will be a 5.5 litre twin turbo. It may be described as a “mini SLS AMG”, but it will be able to produce an astronomical 500 BHP.

There will be a 7 speed twin clutch gearbox. The car can reach 0-60 MPH in just 4 seconds. Despite being powerful, cars of the future must be economical too, even if they are designed to deliver breath-taking performance. The new mini SLS AMG is expected not to let anyone down in that respect. There will be a host of top quality fuel efficiency technologies, including stop/start.

Can’t wait for the new mini SLS AMG? There have been rumours that the car will hit showrooms in 2014.  It is rumoured that it could cost a tremendous £100,000 less than the current model. Even then, the car will be considered pricey but there is still quite a dip.


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