Mercedes-Benz South Africa produces more cars than ever before

The South African division of Mercedes-Benz have set a new production record. Their main plant in East London (in South Africa) managed to develop 52,312 Mercedes-Benz C Class’ last year which is a considerable amount more than the 52,101 cars made in 2010.

The result has brought more prosperity for the city and for the South African automotive industry. Many will now hold the countries market in a much higher regard. Forecasts for 2012 indicate that Mercedes-Benz South Africa will beat the record for 2011 by a large amount.

Arno van Merwe – Head of Mercedes-Benz South Africa

Arno van Merwe, the Head of the East London site has said that the future of the whole country was indeed looking brighter thanks to Mercedes-Benz. He said “ It also assures our South  African customers that they  will not only get the best product available, but will be contributing to shaping a bright  future for South Africa as a  whole, MBSA considers the East  London plant achievements as  indicative of its long-term commitment not only to sell vehicles to local customers, but  also to use South Africa as a  production hub for both domestic consumption and substantial export business – a  part of the operation which is  bound to grow with the production of the next generation  C-Class.”

Hold more cars

The aim of the East London plant is to eventually hold double the amount of cars that it holds at present by the year 2014. This will naturally secure more jobs and increase profits.

Mercedes-Benz sales

With the sales up, production levels were as expected allowed to increase. The sales were so good that Mercedes-Benz South Africa beat their record last year which stood in 2010. The difference was a massive 38 % with 1,714 sold in the single month. In total 571,425 cars of all available makes and models were sold in South Africa last year. This eclipses the figure of 2010 by a great amount.

Can they really do better next year?

The Mercedes-Benz South Africa President said the company will able to ride the storm despite a downturn in the industry. He said “We share the consensus  forecast that growth in the passenger car market this year  will slow down considerably  compared to 2011, but we are  confident that Mercedes-Benz  will continue its South African  success story by further growing our business in this country and entrenching our leadership as the premium luxury  brand,”

Are Mercedes-Benz able to keep it up?


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  1. Rushmi Mehta
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 19:04:33

    Amazing. Check out the video for Toyota’s Virtual Booth from the NAIAS auto show. Click below.

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