Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Review

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the best vans available on the market. We take a look at the hugely successful variant which was produced between 1995 – 2006.

A great drive

Despite being a van you still get that Mercedes-Benz feel when your behind the wheel. It’s practical with plenty of space, even for the tallest of drivers. The drive is mostly pleasant with the van driving smoothly along rough road surfaces. The seats are able to be adjusted in almost every way, making the driver as comfortable as possible. They are firm and ensure that the driver doesn’t have much to complain about in terms of comfort levels.

Great engines offered

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has a choice of five engines. These include a 2.3 petrol engine, a 2.1 four cylinder engine which was able achieve 82 BHP, 109 BHP or 129 BHP. This particular engine used common rail diesel and utilised four cylinder technologies. The 82 BHP is surprisingly quite a speedy vehicle and is sure to satisfy many in terms of power. There is also a 2.7 litre five cylinder common rail diesel engine which is able to produce 156 BHP.


Mercedes-Benz have a great reliability record amongst their cars and their Sprinter van is no different. Owners don’t complain of mechanical problems very often or of other components in the vehicle for that matter. Autotrader claimed to have found one that had managed to travel 500,000 miles which is a testament to just how reliable the van is.


It is safe to say that the van will not come at a cheap price to purchase. However we believe that the price is fully justified considering the amount of quality that comes with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. When it was released, it was the first van is offer ABS brakes as standard upon all models. In 2003, stability control, also known as ESP was introduced as a standard fit. Overall it is a very safe van to drive.

It was strange at first to see Mercedes-Benz release a van but they have firmly established themselves as a major player in the market.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will do the job from a number of perspectives.


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