Mercedes-Benz Sprinter set for another mass order

The Mercedes-Benz  will receive another mass order for Sprinter. The company in question are Anglian Home Improvements, who seem to be attracted to the van’s fuel efficiency.

Anglian Home Improvements are an important company within the home improvement industry here in the U.K. The company, who require a fleet of vans in order to operate their daily business, could certainly do a lot worse than purchase a set of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.

The company who are already a fan of Mercedes-Benz’s having a few of them within their line-up already, are planning to swop all their current 650 vans with Sprinters. Back in 2009, Anglian Home Improvements secured 90 Mercedes-Benz’s vans from a lease deal. The home improvement company have justified making the move to changeover their current set of vans to Mercedes-Benz’s as business is picking up, meaning the company needs a more reliable set of vehicles on the roads.

The vans not only offer great fuel efficiency, but are also very safe too. They achieved 5 stars, the maximum score, during the strenuous Euro NCAP tests. An achievement such as this will certainly bode well in terms of the van’s reputation, as the Euro NCAP tests are an automotive expert’s indication of how safe the a vehicle actually is.

Anglian Home Improvements don’t only require safety and efficiency, they also need practicality. As you can imagine, operating in a home improvement business requires mobile vehicles which offer flexibility and practicality in order to carry its tools. Workman will also need easy access to those tools as well as transporting large and fragile materials such as sheets of glass.

Tremendous improvements with fuel efficiency have been highlighted in many reviews regarding the latest version of the Sprinter.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinters which are a decade old are still very reliable, according to Mick Shepard, the Anglian Home Improvements Fleet Manager. He said “Although our vans don’t cover huge mileages we will run these new ones for six years or more, so durability is going to be crucial. We know Mercedes-Benz vehicles can stand the test of time; indeed, we have a few Sprinters which are nearly 10 years old and are still going strong.”

This isn’t the first time we have reported on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter receiving mass orders. Expect to hear more on mass orders in this blog in the near future.



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