Mercedes-Benz still being beaten by BMW in the United States

Mercedes-Benz has been losing out to BMW in the United States this year. Although Mercedes-Benz appeared to have the upper hand at the start of the year, BMW’s newly released 3 Series has started to pay dividends and in effect allowed the company to their rivals further back.

First quarter 2012

The battle for the most sales in the first quarter was extremely tight, with BMW edging the race by gaining 36 more deliveries. Lexus were considerably lower than the two top German companies.

BMW’s first quarter sales managed to increase by 17 per cent during this year’s first quarter, selling 61,549. Mercedes-Benz sold 61,513 which represents a rise of 15 per cent. Lexus sold 49,096 in the first quarter which equals to a rise of 3.7 per cent. Lexus, Toyota’s luxury division, have had a huge fall from grace after being the countries number one luxury car producer for 11 years.


Last year was possibly the most intense car sales battle ever seen. BMW managed to secure the top spot in America after selling 2,715 units more than Mercedes-Benz. Neither company wanted to release their official sales figure first at the start of the year as the rivalry had become so extreme.

Sales so far this year give no indication of who will be on top at the end of the year. This year is set to see more additions of rebranded and newly introduced models from both companies. Despite BMW leading sales charts so far this year there is no clear front runner at present.  The competition remains neck and neck with each other. This year’s sales battle could better that one of 2011.

March sales

Mercedes-Benz sold 23,134 units in March. Sales in March for BMW saw an increase of 18 per cent. BMW sold 23,940 whereas Lexus, the previous number one luxury manufacturer in the United States sold just 20,140. Mercedes-Benz previously had a 770 advantage over BMW in February.

Mercedes-Benz also have Audi to worry about, as they have beat Mercedes-Benz for profits and sales in 2011, when taking into account worldwide luxury sales. Will Mercedes-Benz beat BMW this year in North America and gather momentum to once again overtake Audi? Nothing is for certain at present but what is certain is that the luxury sales battle this year in North America.


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