Mercedes-Benz to power GLC by hydrogen fuel in 2017

Mercedes-Benz has revealed they’re planning to add a hydrogen fuel cell-powered model to their lineup.


The current GLC model. Will the GLC F-Cell look much different?

The company’s popular GLC SUV will extend its range in 2017 to include the GLC F-Cell. It’ll be Mercedes’ first hydrogen fuel cell-powered model, joining the likes of BMW, Toyota and Honda in investing in the technology.

The GLC F-Cell is scheduled to first debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and be ready for the showrooms the following year. It’s reported that the GLC F-Cell will only be available in select markets.

Thomas Weber, head of research and development at Mercedes, told Autocar, “We are targeting a combined range for the fuel cell and battery of up to 600km [373 miles], along with a refuelling time for the hydrogen tanks of three minutes”.

Weber also commented on the fact that they had to opt for a higher-classed model to try out the new fuel because the cost of the fuel stack makes the lower classes unviable. Previously the company had planned for a B-Class F-Cell.

The entry-level price is expected to be around £50,000, as the current GLC starts from £34,950.




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