Mercedes Benz UK fleet to drive guests to the Laureus World Sports Awards

The annual 2012 Laureus Awards held in London this month will see a great deal of Mercedes-Benz cars and coaches taking guests to the awards.

The main reasoning behind choosing Mercedes-Benz was the intelligent and efficient technology within the vehicles involved. Cars as well as coaches will be on show all of which containing an immense amount of luxurious features.

The luxury coaches involved include the spectacular Mercedes-Benz Tourismo and the Mercedes-Benz Setra TopLine.

Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTec Luxury Saloon

A standout car for the event will include the Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTec Luxury Saloon. This contains an ECO start stop option, whereby the engine can switch off and sit at a standstill when it is idle, for example in traffic. When the car needs to be driven off again, the car switches on straight away and is ready to be driven off again with ease. As the car’s engine is not running, emissions as well as fuel efficiency is kept as friendly to the environment as possible.

Marcus Breitschwerdt

The President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz UK, Marcus Breitschwerdt has said expressed his delight at the company securing such a contract at such a prestigious event. He said “We’re delighted that London is hosting this year’s Laureus World Sports Awards, and are proud to be playing a part in the celebrations. Our very own ‘team of efficiency champions’ have an important part to play on the big night of course – it’s up to us to ensure that the stars arrive on time, and everyone celebrates what was an incredible year for sport in 2011.”

He continued to add how great the Laurens Foundation work has been. “The Laureus Foundation’s work around the world is fantastic – and it has a number of projects in the UK. The support isn’t just corporate though – I’m very proud that my colleagues at Mercedes-Benz UK give up their own time to get involved and helping with these activities for years. On a night when the focus is rightly on the nominees and winners, I applaud the people who make Laureus the vibrant, successful organisation it is today.”

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell Traveliner

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell Traveliner is a 9 seater vehicle which is an all electric one too. That means there are zero emissions. The ride is smooth and completely quiet too making it that extra bit luxurious.


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