Mercedes-Benz USA CEO ousted

Earlier last month Ernst Lieb was ousted as the CEO of the Mercedes-Benz USA group. He will remain with the company working in an unspecified role according to some sources.
We reported yesterday that sales of Mercedes-Benz USA sector were thriving. The news of Ernst Lieb’s sent shockwaves throughout the automotive industry but certainly didn’t dampen the news of the company performing so well in the world’s second largest car market.rces.

At the time of the event, a statement on the website read “Ernst Lieb has been excused from his duties as CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), effective immediately. Daily business operations of MBUSA will be conducted by Herbert Werner (CFO and Vice President Finance, Controlling & IT) until further notice.”

With the company performing so well in the USA, why was Ernst Lieb removed from his job role? He was clearly doing a good job. Joe Phillippi, who works for AutoTrends speculated that something personal may have happened between Lieb and the company. He was quoted to have said “I don’t understand this. It had to be something personal considering they’re gaining share and improving sales,”

The exact reason for the Lieb’s jobs being downgraded has not been officially disclosed by Mercedes-Benz. Some sources have said that it was to do with fiddling with company expenses in order to reimburse personal expenses. His wife’s golf membership was paid for with Mercedes-Benz’s finances according to various sources. The company are well known for having a zero tolerance on corruption within the company.

Apparanty he has been warned before. An executive at Mercedes-Benz said “Ernst was repeatedly warned, but he did it again,”.  Another employee said “In the past he would have got a slap on the wrist,” one of the people briefed on the matter said on Wednesday. “Now the anti-corruption regime in Germany is so much stronger.”

The Wall Street Journal stated how long Lieb has been with company and one of his best achievements. “The German-born Lieb spent a total of 36 years at Daimler, including five in the top spot at Montvale, N.J.-based Mercedes-Benz USA”. He had been working the role for 6 years.

Mercedes-Benz USA is sure to be fine after this episode and continue to thrive in the country.


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