Mercedes-Benz Vario Review

The Mercedes-Benz Vario is under many different disguises. That’s because it’s mainly a dedicated commercial van used by various businesses.

Great for a number of businesses

The sheer size of the van makes it one of the most practical vehicles out there, with being used to meet almost any business requirements. The immense variations of the Vario demonstrate its ability to be used for a number of different purposes. Variants include a panel van, box body, tipper version, bus and a pickup version.

Many use it to transport materials, some have converted it into a multiple people carrier whereas other businesses have used it as a security van. Mini buses and mini coaches are two of the most popular variants. Newer mini buses come with disability entrances in order to meet new law requirements.

As mentioned earlier, the Vario is brilliant for any type of transportation job. Whether it’s materials, people, equipment or anything else.

Originally the Transporter 2

It was introduced back in 1986 and was originally named the Transporter 2. After a revamp back in 1996, it went under a whole new transformation and was named the Mercedes Benz Vario from then.

Heavy and flexible

No matter what variant you go for, it will always be considered heavy. The weight range extends from 4800 kg to 7490 kg. Wheelbase lengths and roof heights are able to be adjusted which demonstrates the van’s flexibility.


One main feature that the van is well known for other than it’s extremely heavy weight is its great value for economy. It is said to achieve an average of 30 MPG during motorway driving.


There are two engines available, the 2.9 litre and 4.2 litre diesel. Both of which are powerful enough to handle to huge weight loads.


There plenty of optional extras that come with the van too, allowing owners to cater for their perfect Mercedes-Benz Vario.


It’s difficult to find a more flexible and practical commercial vehicle that is able to be used for so many different purposes. The Mercedes-Benz Vario isn’t generally for the domestic road use, as you have guessed already. A great choice for a broad range of businesses who desire a practical van to meet their business purposes, you could do a lot worse that the Mercedes-Benz Vario.

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