Mercedes-Benz winter tyres scheme

Following our article about Audi offering winter tyres, Mercedes-Benz are set follow suit. This week the Germany automotive giants are set to offer a set of winter tyres when customers purchase theircars.

Following the previous two winters, which saw record low temperatures, many car accidents were caused. This not only raised insurance premiums for innocent drivers, but also caused serious injuries to many. Many drivers are now priced out of driving thanks to rising insurance prices. With many bracing themselves for another horrendous winter with terrible road conditions, the Mercedes-Benz winter tyre scheme is sure to go down well.

Pirelli and Continental will be supplied by the company and fitted as part of the whole service. Being Mercedes-Benz, it comes as no surprise that they are offering such premium brands to produce their winter tyres. Expect them to be of the highest quality, delivering great performance.

Why get winter tyres?

Car’s automatic breaking systems alone are not enough to significantly prevent accidents. In fact it doesn’t stop your car any quicker. ABS retains the driver’s control of the steering during critical situations but doesn’t slow the car down the same way winter tyres would. The grip on the road that winter tyres provides helps cars slow down quicker than normal tyres will do.

Are there any other benefits of winter tyres? One benefit is that you could be saving money. Although the set of four tyres may set you back at first, in the long term you will be making savings. Normal tyres are not designed for the winter. They will deteriorate quicker than winter tyres as they are not designed to cope with such conditions. A change of tyres would be needed quicker than expected if they are put through roads which they can’t handle. The purchase of winter tyres may turn out to be a sound investment as they will last a couple years and hold back the purchase of newer summer tyres.

Perhaps some motorists didn’t even realise that winter tyres were an option, which makes this whole scheme a potentially very beneficial for the automotive industry. For the people that do know about them, it will be strongly recommended that winter tyres are fitted for the winter season.





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