Mercedes creating new platform for electric vehicles ready for 2018


It’s been reported that Mercedes-Benz are planning four new electric vehicles to rival Tesla, Audi and Porsche.

The first of the four planned cars will launch in 2018, a full year earlier than was originally expected, so the German brand can keep up with the likes of Porsche (Mission E) and Audi (Q6 e-tron). The first vehicle will be a saloon that slots between the C-Class and the E-Class in terms of size. This car will be followed by a similar-sized SUV crossover that fits between the GLC and the GLE. The two EVS to follow are an S-Class-sized saloon and a “supersized” SUV bigger than the GLS.

Mercedes are yet to release any specific details about the EVs or what they’ll look like, but we can assume that they’ll take certain styling aspects from the Mercedes Concept IAA pictured above, which we first saw a few months ago. The four-bar grille is particularly striking and futuristic, so we’re presuming that will be mirrored on the new electric cars.

Rather than building a whole new plant for the new drivetrain production, Mercedes plan to use their Bremen plant as the home of the electric vehicle architecture (EVA) platform, which the board has apparently already signed off on. The North Germany-based plant will produce the majority of Mercedes’ new drivetrains, whether they be plug in hybrid, electric or other.

The company will use a monolithic battery pack, like the Tesla models, with the power coming from one or two electric motors depending on the different trim levels in each model range. The minimum horse power from the RWD models is expected to be 400, so you know these cars will have some serious power.

Perhaps we’ll see these new electric vehicles at the various car shows throughout 2016. The prices for the new Mercedes EVs are expected to start around £70,000.



Image credit:!/car/mercedes-benz-concept-iaa

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