Smart Fortwo Review

Smart, along with Mercedes-Benz is the part of the Daimler AG Group. Today we review the Smart Fortwo Cabriolet, a wonderful and a unique vehicle on our roads today.

We take a look at some of the car’s best features in our article.


You won’t have to break the bank to keep the car running. Some have claimed that the car can achieve a tremendous 85.6 MPG! Petrol will fall into the low 10 % tax band with the Brabus being the exception. Diesel models sit slightly higher in the 13 % tax band.


It is an essential feature which helps the small vehicle keep it’s balance when taking corners. The chances of the car being rolled over and causing an accident are indeed greatly reduced thanks to the stability control within the car. Driver and passenger airbags come as standard. An immobiliser adds to the security features of the car.


The entry level model comes with air conditioning, a great feature to have which isn’t a standard piece of equipment amongst many cars. The Smart Fortwo neatly comes with Bluetooth connectivity ability too as well as electric windows. Further up in the range, Passion models get a panoramic glass roof. Satellite navigation is also included.

The top of the range Brabus model comes with a sporty body kit, sports suspension as well as heated leather seats.


Despite the car’s small size it does have a decent amount of room inside. Passengers will receive an adequate amount of room. In terms of storage for luggage, there is enough for essentials and bit more.


The car packs a decent amount of power within all 999cc engines. The 61 BHP, 71 BHP are perhaps for those who will not use speed too often. The turbocharged 84 BHP offers the most satisfying drive out them all.


A great car that proves good things do come in small packages.

Smart Fortwo Cabriolet Variants

  • Cabriolet 1.0 70 mhd Pulse 2dr- £10,700
  • Cabriolet 1.0 84 Pulse 2dr- £11,200
  • Cabriolet 1.0 70 mhd Passion 2dr- £11,500
  • Cabriolet 1.0 84 Passion 2dr-  £12,000
  • Cabriolet 0.8 cdi Passion 2dr-  £12,700
  • Cabriolet 1.0 Brabus Xclusive 2dr – £16,500


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