Take a cinema with you everywhere you go

A concept Smart Car is all set to have a cinema built into it. Even a full size Tesco delivery truck would seemingly be too small for such an idea, so will a Smart Car pull it off?

In America, you may remember many films with drive in cinema’s, where you can watch a film from your car. Daimler’s new vehicle will be able to do just that. It will be showcased at the Paris Motor Show, guaranteed to receive plenty of attention thanks to its onboard cinema feature. The cinema projection comes from the bonnet of the vehicle. A screening can be projected onto any sort of wall, meaning they can bring the cinema wherever they go.

Cinema features aside, the Smart Forstars main strong points are it’s all electric drive which essentially means that the car emits no emissions.

Daimler has described the car as more of a communication concept as well as a mobility concept. Other great features within the vehicle include a focus on smart phone technology. iPhone’s are able to be cleverly synced with the car’s features. The smart phone is able to control the temperature, the vehicle’s playlist and even allows the driver to see what activity is going on behind the car, thanks to the car using a camera at the rear of the vehicle. It is essential that the sound system is controlled by a smart phone as it helps deliver a better and more fulfilling cinematic experience.

Where does the name “forstars” come from? Daimler says that the glass roof means that all passengers are able to see stars; hence the name as there is a clear view of the “starry sky”.

Dr Annette Winkler, the Chief Executive of Smart has stated exactly what is good about the car. “The smart is Europe’s most inexpensive series-produced electric car. Not only is it emission-free and fast, it is also possible to conveniently set the perfect interior temperature in advance with a smart phone, and it is simple to charge at a domestic socket. What’s more, with its powerful battery and integrated projector the smart forstars can transform any grey backyard into an animated open-air cinema.”

The Smart Car forstars cinema car is for those who like to watch films on the go but are also concerned about fuel consumption and the environment.

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