The Chinese Mercedes-Benz brand about to be launched

Daimler is set to join forces with BYD Auto’s, a Chinese auto manufacturer with the joint venture brand being named Denza. The brand will purely concentrate on the Chinese automotive market with no exports to any overseas car markets.

Electric vehicles the focal point

Denza, when fully formed, will produce electric vehicles. Their unique selling point will be the fact that they will designed to be affordable. The problem with electric vehicles is that they are way too overpriced with many families not being able to afford them. The technology is fairly new and sales have not taken off as expected. This essentially means that the general price of electric vehicles remain out of touch for many.

The Beijing Motor Show

The public will get the pleasure of the viewing the very first Denza vehicle at the Beijing Motor Show on April 23rd. The new electric vehicle, named the E6 has been produced a total of 309 times so far. 40 of them are currently being tested by a taxi firm in China.

The combination of Daimler and BYD Auto’s

Sources claim that BYD were responsible for the electric driveline system whereas Daimler were mainly responsible for the chassis engineering and exterior body style. A match made in heaven? BYD do have prior experience in the lithium ion battery field, as they were suppliers to mobile phone manufacturers Nokia and Motorola. The E6 has the foundations of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class. This will mean that the car will store the electric batteries on the floor.

Why China would benefit more than most

Dieter Zetsche, the Daimler Chief said that the introduction of such low emission vehicles would greatly benefit the Chinese automotive market. He said “We will be able to participate in the potential growth of electric mobility in China, the largest car market of the world. Electric vehicles are especially well suited for urban driving. With its many metropolitan areas, China has the potential to be among the world’s largest markets for zero-emission vehicles.”

186 miles

According to speculation, the new Denza vehicle will have the capability of driving up to 186 miles during certain conditions. That is a staggering amount of mileage as compared to other electric vehicles. Officially, that has not yet been confirmed by Daimler or BYD.

Will the Denza brand be a success in China? If they can produce quality and affordable electric vehicles, we believe they will.



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