The Mercedes-Benz Diesel Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz has shown off the E300 BlueTec Hybrid vehicle. As you can probably tell by the name, the car is extremely fuel efficient.

15 per cent difference in fuel efficiency

When compared to the Mercedes-Benz CDI the fuel efficiency difference if 15 per cent up for the E300 BlueTec. Not only is that but the performance of the car greatly enhanced.

The car will emit just 109g/km of C02 emissions. This is quite an impressive statistic for a fully sized luxury sedan.

A wonderful performance

In terms of the performance, this has been improved thanks to its 4 cylinder 2.1 litre engine with direct injection technology that is mated to the 7G Tronic Plus automatic gear transmission.  The electric motor which was developed by Bosch helps to deliver more power on top the 204 BHP achieved by the engine along with 500 Nm of torque.

No sacrifice made for storage

Placed between the electric motor and the diesel engine is a single multi plate clutch which attaches to the input shaft of the transmission. The space within the vehicle to accommodate these features is unchanged despite the length of the transmission being extended.

Power evenly distributed

When the car is being driven in electric only mode, the power is evenly distributed amongst the rear wheels from the electric motor ensuring the 7 speed automatic transmission is tuned properly.

Acceleration, freewheeling and sailing

Acceleration of the car and reaching high speeds will not be a problem thanks to the highly sophisticated technology built within. Freewheeling as well as sailing has also been greatly improved with the great components. The sailing attribute is of high importance when it comes to vehicles that weigh more.

Transmission working with the electric motor

Mercedes-Benz has cleverly developed the whole system so that greater fuel efficiency is achieved when the transmission works alongside the electric motor.

The energy saved from when the vehicle accelerates and brakes and is then re-used is majorly important to how the efficiency is achieved within the car.

Mercedes-Benz believe that the larger the motor, the easier it is to better the performance of the car. The hybrid system could come with the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class due for release in the third quarter of next year. North American will also receive the E400 Hybrid vehicle that will come with a V6 petrol engine. This will deliver 306 BHP and 370 Nm torque.


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