The Mercedes-Benz S-Class praised by What Car

The highly respected automotive magazine and website What Car? have paid tribute to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class as it won the “Best Luxury Car” award.

Seventh consecutive year

This is now the seventh year in a row that the S-Class has managed to scoop such an award. The car has an enormous amount of luxury built within. It’s really no wonder that the car has managed to secure such a prestigious award for the seventh year running.

Marcus Breitschwedt

Marcus Breitschwedt who is the Chief of Mercedes-Benz’s UK operations has said that the car has been very consistent throughout it’s time from the car’s release back in 2005. He said “We know we have a great car in the S-Class and are delighted that What Car? recognise this too. Winning once is great but seven wins really asserts the S-Class as the pinnacle of luxurious motoring at its best. Our flagship saloon has continued to impress since we launched it in 2005, but we haven’t rested on our laurels. Since last years win we have introduced stop/ start to the S-Class range which has had a positive impact on both fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Top end Mercedes-Benz S-Class

For a luxurious family car, the top of the range Mercedes-Benz S-Class has speed up if it wants to. At the highest end of the scale, the S-Class has a 6.0 litre engine which is capable of reach 630 BHP. In just 4.4 seconds, that engine allows the car to reach 0 – 62 MPH in only 4.4 seconds. The most efficient variant can achieve 45.6 MPG which is a very respectable figure.

High price

Buying the car isn’t cheap however, as many of you may have already guessed. Prices range from £60,005 to £163,630. This is quite a setback but as the WhatCar? awards show, it is certainly worth it (If you can afford it)

Six variants

The new 2014 model will come to the UK car market next year. This time there will a total of six variants. A four seater cabrio will be in the mix for the first time ever.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a pivotal role to play in replacing the glamour which the Maybach brand will leave behind. More advanced and sophisticated versions of the S-Class will be released in order to replace the Maybach brand, with Mercedes-Benz believing that they will achieve higher sales figures.


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