The Mercedes-Benz SL leaked

The Mercedes-Benz SL has been leaked. This has sparked automotive journalists and fans on car forums on the internet to comment on great the car looks. We can’t disagree.

Attractive design

Although a simple sketch was released, it has given away a lot on what the car may look like. The SL appears to look very appealing and attractive, with a splendid front grille mixing superbly with the front air vents. The wheel arches are low with the wheels themselves appearing to be quite large, giving the car a great look.

Aluminium exterior

At present no official details have been released by Mercedes-Benz (as you may have guessed). Despite that, many experts have speculated about the car’s features. According to rumours, Mercedes-Benz will use mainly aluminium material on the car’s exterior. This will not only allow the car to have a refreshed type of look but will also lower the vehicles weight. The aluminium material planning to be used will reduce drag helping to lower fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. It will also help enhance the performance of the car as it will naturally be quicker off the mark and help with its agility. The expected weight drop is around 140 KG as compared to the model currently on sale.

Magic Vision Control

The new Mercedes-Benz is said to come with a new system named the Magic Vision Control. The innovative bit of kit will make sure that no fluid from the windscreen washer nozzles is placed on the car’s luxurious bodywork. That will certainly please owners!

Improved audio

The audio system is said to provide a better sound quality, with Mercedes-Benz said to be focusing heavily on that aspect by adding a host of cool new features.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency on the new model is said to be improved by 30 per cent, according to Mercedes-Benz.

We will have to wait until January 9th 2012 to see the sketch in real life. It will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show. More details will be announced here too. Just by looking at the sketch, we honestly can’t wait for the Mercedes-Benz SL.


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