The Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 CDI review

The Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 CDI is the first ever diesel variant of the SLK. It will achieve a staggering 204 BHP along with 500 Nm of torque. This in essence makes the car the most powerful diesel vehicle in its class.

The first pictures of the car were released last year with many fans and the automotive press alike getting very excited for the new arrival.


When racing from 0 – 62 MPH, the Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 CDI will hit a time of 6.7 seconds. The car’s top speed is 150 MPH.

Very economical

The diesel engine helps keep the fuel economy and environmental damage as efficient as possible. This is certainty a must as fuel prices are very expensive to many at present. The Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 CDI review will be able to achieve 57 MPG. It will also emit just 128g/km of C02. The car will contain start stop as a standard feature, which turns off the engine when the car is idle and does not need to be used and starts it up again once the car is ready to drive off.

Not the most practical car

When the roof is folded down, the boot space is kept down to a minimal.

No changes for the exterior design

There is no changes with the diesel variant in terms of it’s styling. The petrol model contains the same exterior features. This includes a twin exhaust system that really does make the car look aggressive and sporty.

Magic Sky Control

The ‘Magic sky control’ is quite a unique feature. The colour of the vario roof can be altered from dark to transparent through the quick touch of a button.

Gearbox transmission

The Mercedes-Benz SLK 250 CDI will be mated to a 7G Tronic Plus automatic transmission. A six speed manual option will also be made available later on in the year.

Different suspension settings

The car will come with three suspension settings. These will consist of a sports suspension, a typical conventional steel suspension an electronically controlled suspension. The sports suspension contains springs and dampers which are wholly stiffer. The electronic suspension comes with a fully automatic damping system.

Optional extra that are worth purchasing

If you have the money, the optional air scarf which nicely warms up your neck is worth it at £395. It will set you back £330 for heated seats.


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