The Mercedes-Benz Unimog review

The Mercedes-Benz what? We know that most of you will be asking that question. Although it’s not a well known vehicle to typical motorists, it is actually one the leading vehicles in its class.

The reason why you probably have never heard of it is because the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is not a typical road vehicle. Although it can be driven on the road, it’s off roader credentials mean that it is mainly used as a utility vehicle on places such as farms or fields.

60 years

Its 60 years in production just goes to show how much it appeals to its specific target market. Alpine farmers describe the utility vehicle as a favourite. If you need a vehicle to drive through muddy fields without a problem and make its way out of a difficult situation, you can’t get a vehicle much better than the Unimog.

Why has it been so successful? It does literally exactly what it says on the tin. If you ask a child to draw a truck, it won’t be too far what the Unimog actually looks like. The design hasn’t changed much at all since it was first released all of them years ago.

The vehicle is so versatile that in other countries, it has even been used as a fire truck.

Commands a high price

Prices can exceed over £100,000 if owners decide to select a top of the range Unimog whilst opting for extras such as power take off technology, crew cabs and hydraulics. Other interesting extras include being able to switch the driving position completely from one side to the other. How is that possible?

More than you expected

It’s not the easiest vehicle to enter, with it standing a great 3ft 4 inches above the ground, there is a lot of climbing to be done. Once inside, the seats are surprisingly comfortable. (Well did you expect anything less from Mercedes-Benz). You also get the pleasure of a panoramic type windscreen giving the driver a splendid view of what is ahead. The 4.8 litre four cylinder turbo diesel isn’t only powerful, but also offers a satisfying drive.

There are so many brilliant features about the vehicle that we would love to describe. One specification we can’t reveal is it’s 0 – 62 MPH timing, as it can’t reach that speed.


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