The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell sponsors major Hockey Event

Mercedes-Benz will power the npower Big Dribble which commences on the 15th April. The event starts in Edinburgh and will finish in Trafalgar Square.

40 cities and towns to be visited

The event will make stops at 40 towns and cities. Participants will be required to dribble a hockey ball for 100 metres each, eventually reaching 2012 km.

First ever off the shelf electric van

The world’s first ever off the shelf electric van, the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL will be responsible for transporting equipment needed for the event.

Npower Juice-e charging posts

Benefits for Mercedes-Benz include testing the electric vehicle infrastructure throughout the UK. Power outlets will come from npower’s Juice-e charging posts. These will be positioned at every stop showing off exactly what the electric vehicle has to offer. The van takes six hours to charge and can achieve a maximum driving range of 80 miles from a full charge. A 380/400 volt input is used to charge the van. The maximum speed of the van will be 80 MPH.

Cargo space made the most out of

Despite the van containing sizeable batteries, the cargo space is tremendous. The batteries themselves have been positioned cleverly so that the full cargo area can be taken advantage of.

Meeting OFGEM’s Green Supply Guidelines

The npower Juice-e charging hotspots follow OFGEM’s green supply guidelines. The guidelines set out tariffs for producing real environmental benefit. All energy used is matched with renewable energy from npower and is then put back into the grid.

Proud to be raising funds

The Van and Marketing Director for Mercedes-Benz UK, Steve Bridge said “We’re used to our Vito Sport and Sport-X making people drool, and are delighted that our electric E-CELL is now helping the Big Dribble! We are very proud to be involved and both to raise funds and awareness for WellChild, and to highlight the ease-of-use for running an electric van.”

Under contract in the UK

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL is only available to customers who wish to take out a contract on the vehicle. The contract lengths range from one to four years. The van comes under the Government initiative, the Plug-In van grant.

RAC Future Car Challange

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL has recently excelled in the 2011 RAC Future Car Challenge, last November in 2011. The award won was the “Most energy efficient light commercial vehicle”.


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