The Mercedes-Benz winter driving lessons

Mercedes-Benz is set to hand out some driving lessons for the winter. The German company are doing their bit to ensure that students are prepared for the horrendous winter conditions in the future.

By ensuring that they know how to drive safely and are more aware of the conditions whilst they are learning they will be much better prepared when they encounter those situations in the future. Appropriately, the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy is in partnership with Pirelli. They are providing top class winter tyres for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles, making them as best equipped for the conditions as possible.

Cold snaps can come completely out of nowhere. At times, drivers may not be prepared for when this may occur. These are the reasons behind a number of insurance claims, injuries and accidents.

Robert East – Perfect vehicle to learn

Robert East, the National Operations and Development Manager has said that drivers must gain confidence with the cars and tyres providing being the perfect tool to learn. He said “It is important for learner drivers to gain confidence behind the wheel during a structured and progressive learning process. With Cold Weather Tyres our students are able to do just that, whatever the temperature outside. The benefits of these tyres can help every driver, no matter how experienced they are, which is why we have worked with Pirelli to make sure our students are safe and aware of the advantages the tyres offer for when they have passed their test and are driving their own cars in the cold winter months”.

Dominic Sandivasci – Why Pirelli tyres are so good

Dominic Sandivasci, Pirelli UK Managing Director has said that the company’s winter tyres are perfectly suited to the cold weather. He said “Cold weather tyres offer drivers extra grip in winter conditions. Thanks to the tread pattern design and the ability of the compound to remain flexible at low temperatures, the grip in cold weather and on snow is significantly improved.”

He continued to state just how important winter tyres are. “When winter weather embraces the UK, we are often left wondering why everything comes to a standstill, but it’s mainly down to a lack of preparation. If we all fitted cold weather tyres during the winter months, it’s fair to say that we may not find driving in cold weather conditions, or snow and ice, quite so daunting.”

The Mercedes-Benz winter driving lessons sound like a great idea. We believe that it will improve confidence of drivers in the future.


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