The mysterious Vision Tokyo concept… curious yet?

Ever tried to create mystery in less than 140 characters? Take a tip from Mercedes…

                          “The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo. Autonomous, luxurious

                                  and progressive. A vision for future generations.”


Although Twitter users instantly took to their keyboards to type witty remarks like “who turned the lights out?” and “I think you should fire your photographer” – Mercedes did its job: we are curious.

Well Twitter users, this concept is for you. The Vision Tokyo is aimed at Generation Z (those born after ‘95) living in the megacity, and it provides you with all the space and entertainment you need when stuck in traffic. The five-seater concept is a zero-emission, self-driving look at the possible future.

The car, which quite frankly looks more like a spaceship, is filled with leather and LED touchscreens. The seats are curved to offer a face-to-face environment and if the ‘driver’ needs to manually control the car, a front-facing seat can be released. The hybrid is powered by electricity and hydrogen, which is stored in pressurised tanks, and it’s claimed the range will be a seriously impressive 609 miles.

Here’s an animated teaser from Mercedes-Benz:

Not thinking about what the price tag will read if this concept ever sees the production belt, the car is a leap into the future. And besides, a little mystery never hurt.

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