The new Mercedes-Benz B200

We talked about what to expect from the Mercedes-Benz B Class in a previous article. Now we take an in-depth look into what the Mercedes-Benz B200.

The new car is said to be one of the most upgraded and changed models that the company have ever put through the production line. In this article we take a look as to what is in store.

The car will feature a brand new front wheel drive chassis alongside both manual and dual clutch gearboxes. There is plenty of new and advanced safety systems built into the car too. One noticeable feature in the appearance is the 5cm decrease in the height of the roof. This may reduce the space within but gives the car a more dynamic and sportier look, improving the performance too. There will also be a very neat looking and useful touch screen in the middle, which will entertain drivers and also help them adjust the car settings appropriately.

The car will come with a range of different engines, including the 1.6 Litre petrol. This particular engine will be injection turbocharged along with a 1.8 diesel too. Both cars which have been already tested by experts are said to deliver a great performance in a different type of way. The 1.8 B200 CDI diesel is able to produce around 134 BHP and has a decent amount of pulling power. The B200 petrol version is able to produce around 154 BHP and naturally has more of an emphasis on power. It will also be able to produce 250Nm of torque at around 1,250rpm. It is the sort of engine that wants and is able to handle higher revs. The car will be powerful enough for most, with it being one of the most powerful cars in its category.

The new B200 is made lower, which gives the car a sportier look along with better handling, thanks to the newly installed four link suspension. However taking corners and the car’s handling is probably not one of the vehicles strongest assets. It is a family orientated car after all, making it more comfortable cruising and driving conservatively. It doesn’t possess a tremendous amount of agility either.

The Sport version, which will have 18 inch wheels along with a sports adaptive suspension, was said not to feel very comfortable when tested by experts. It was mentioned that the more conservative variant of the vehicle should be chosen with smaller wheels along with a standard suspension.

The B200 looks slick and very stylish and as mentioned has a host of improvements. Improving a Mercedes-Benz takes some doing in itself, which is the reason why we can’t wait for the car to be released.


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    Oct 06, 2011 @ 13:08:31

    Mercedes-Benz B200 have good fuel-eficient , i like this car. .

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