The new Smart ForTwo limited edition

The newly design Smart for Two limited edition city car has been unveiled and will have a starting cost of £12,140. Just 1,800 of them will be produced for the market here in the UK. If you want one you have to be fast.

Smart, who is part of the same group as Mercedes-Benz, believe that the limited edition model will be a big hit.

A unique look

By the looks of things, they could be right. The car has more of an edge with it’s design. The new Fortwo really stands out in the way that it is black with red details around the exterior. It makes the car look aggressive but in a good way and unique as compared to any other smart car.

An eye catcher

Smart have stated in a statement that the car is a “Real eye catcher”. Their exact press release read as “The latest edition from smart has been christened sharpred. This smart fortwo is a real eye catcher as the intense red of the tradition safety cell and door mirror housing forms a striking contrast to the rest of the exterior in black.”

Two engine variants

There will be two variants of engine available. The first being a 1.0 litre which is able to achieve 71 BHP. The next will be a 1.0 litre that is able to achieve 84 BHP. The 71 BHP versions will cost £12,140. For a price of £15,206, the 84 BHP versions is available. Is it really worth paying that much extra? Both variants are not worlds apart in terms of performance.

The latest version of the standard Smart Fortwo

The new generation Smart ForTwo has recently been unveiled. As before there are coupe and cabriolet versions available. The engine choices are the exact same too.

The same trims are available include:

  • Pure
  • Pulse
  • Passion
  • BRABUS Xclusive

Was there any point in releasing a new model? In terms of design, there is a bigger radiator grille, muscular side skirts, new front and rear aprons, more aggressive looking side skirts along with horizontally arranged LED daytime running lights.

Dr Annette Winkler, the Chief of Smart UK released a statement saying just how significant the Smart ForTwo is. The statement read “The way in which the Fortwo now displays the Smart logo more prominently stands for the brand’s new self-confidence. The Smart Fortwo has long become an icon that is a defining feature of urban traffic throughout the world.”


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