Triton orders a number of Mercedes-Benz Atego’s

We seem to report quite a bit of news on Mercedes-Benz securing a number of fleet deals in South Africa. It just goes to show that the country has a great taste for reliable and quality vans.

The Mercedes-Benz Atego carries the quality and sophisticated BlueTec technology which offers a tremendous amount of advantageous efficiency features.

Eric Corbishley was clearly impressed with the van describing how the company’s operations require a vehicle which is of very high standards. He said “As our standard fleet of more than 200 vehicles travels thousands of kilometres each month, we are constantly seeking measures in which we can improve on fuel consumption and the general maintenance cost of our fleet,”

“With more than 60 000 consignments per month, from envelopes to 3-4 tons per shipment, we pride ourselves on reliable and timeous deliveries; therefore, our vehicles of choice need to be reliable, especially in a stop/start environment,”

He continued to say how their drivers will undertake a specialised Mercedes-Benz driving course in order to improve fuel efficiency. “Driver training is another aspect of the business to which we attach great importance, and the drivers of these vehicles have undergone the necessary training with the respective Mercedes-Benz driver training programme.  We have dedicated drivers to specific trucks, and we have seen a significant improvement in driver behaviour following training, which has resulted in overall improved fuel consumption,”

After a successful trail run, Triton decided to sign thirteen Mercedes-Benz Atego’s. The fuel efficiency, safety and comfort were the main reasons for the company ordering the fleet. Four of the trucks will contain the much talked about BlueTec technology. They will all have Telligent automatic transmission which are not only efficient, but add to the driving experience adding to the comfort of the drive.

Christo Kleynhans, Mercedes-Benz Commercial vehicles Product Manager said that after six months, the van impressed so much that the company even decided the demo model. He said “The operating team at Triton Express were extremely impressed with the fuel savings achieved on the demonstrator model – Atego 1318 – which they ran for a six-month trial period before purchasing this model.  It is not common practice that an operator purchases the demo model, further confirming their satisfaction with the performance of the Atego,”


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