@YourCommand: The new Mercedes-Benz iPhone-centric infotainment system

Mercedes-Benz is to introduce an iPhone-centric infotainment system. Not too many details have been released about the system but it sparked up a lot of interested.


This follows the concept @your Command system from Mercedes-Benz. Commands are catered through voice commands and gestures. This cloud based system is being experimented on F125 concept cars initially.

A statement from the company said that technology is always being updated to benefit their customers. “Thanks to the consistently cloud-based solution, we can also uncouple from the established vehicle development cycles and are at eye level with the rapid developments in the world of consumer electronics. We can therefore always provide our customers with access to the latest applications for fully fledged in-car connectivity.”

What does @your Command stand for? According to Mercedes-Benz, it means providing a seamless experience, natural handling, sensory perfection and remote experience. The retractable monitor which sits on the passenger side dashboard is controlled by hand gestures. It operates in a very futuristic way, displaying traffic updates, vehicle statistics and movies too for passengers in the rear of the car to watch. An even larger screen is also available with the system which utilises a 3D display and is boasts a touch screen to operate it.

iPhone-centric infotainment system

The @yourCommand is still years away from being introduced to standard production vehicles but software based on the system will be made available on the iPhone soon. There have not yet been a lot of details released about the application however. What we do is that it will make the most put of the powerful smart phone to provide a “revolutionary experience”. It is said to include animation and wonderful looking graphics too. The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is said to be the perfect showcase for the iPhone-centric infotainment system. Other platforms such as the Android are not being completely ignored. In two years the company are planning to mirror the iPhone-centric infotainment system to the HTC, Nokia and other smart phones too. In a similar move by BMW, Mercedes-Benz is clearly not holding back on reaching out to other platforms.

Does it all sound a bit too good to be true? Will we see the iPhone-centric infotainment system introduced in the UK? That hasn’t been confirmed but we are eagerly awaiting the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show to hear more.


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