Can I get a SLK that cheap?

If you’re looking for a quality car, that’s very fun to drive and not too expensive, then the SLK isn’t a bad choice at all.

The Mercedes SLK is indeed a very classy looking car. Drivers are guaranteed to sit in luxury and comfort whilst getting a thrilling ride.

You can get a pretty good SLK for under £5000. They are likely to be reaching the 100,000 mark and also be up to 10 years old. However with Mercedes-Benz you can be assured that they are built to last. Quality of the engine and mechanics within are very stable when kept in good condition. Look out for cars that have exceeded the average mileage per year too (12,000).  A full service history is also a must.

Models from 1998-2004, which would be your target, have many beneficial features. The acceleration is one the best things about the car.  You get plenty of kick from the start and with that come excellent handling to control the car. That boost and acceleration will be there naturally not as effective but still enough to have fun with.

Mercedes-Benz SLK’s we found

There are plenty on the market for under £5000, as we found on automotive websites including, www.   and


A 2000 plate Mercedes-Benz 230K at 80,000 miles with full service history that looked in great condition costing £5000.

A 1999 plate Mercedes-Benz 230K that had done 85,000 miles with full service history. The interior and bodywork looked as good as new costing £5,000.

Lower end of the budget

A 1999 plate Mercedes-Benz 230K that that had full service history. The cost of the car will set you back just £2,800.


A 2003 plate Mercedes-Benz 320 that has driven just 72,000 miles. It has full service history and will cost just £4.695.

Lower end of the budget

A 1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK 230K that has driven 97,000 that has full service history costing just £2,995.

Exchange and Mart

A 1999 plate Mercedes-Benz 230 Kompressor at 89,000 with a full service history. This comes at price of £4495.

Lower end of the budget

A 2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK 200K that has done 90,000 miles with a full service history, costing just £3,495.


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